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About us

Life-Space Microbiome Institute (LSMI)

is an educational platform that provides healthcare practitioners with access to quality education, dedicated to the human-microbiome-environment connection and its role in health and disease.

The microbiome can be considered an organ in its own right, and one that we are only just getting to know. Microbiome health has implications across a number of body systems, including gastrointestinal, neurological, immunological, cardiovascular, and more. However, staying up to date with the continuously evolving nature of microbiome and biotic therapy science has proven difficult for today's time-poor healthcare practitioner (HCP). The LSMI is a comprehensive, educational resource that delivers up-to date microbiome science, both substantiated and emerging. The variety of engaging formats makes it easy for practitioners to stay informed, thereby supporting best-practice prescribing and patient outcomes.

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“LSMI is a great resource which makes probiotics less daunting as there are so strains to be familiar with.  The probiotic database where you can search for clinical studies on strains or health conditions is helpful. The grading system of the studies verifies their credibility which is important to me. I feel more confident recommending probiotic strains with the back-up of the relevant and credible clinical studies.”

B.L – Pharmacist – April 2024

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The LSMI supports biotic therapy ‘best practice’ through the provision of the Biotic Research Database.

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